Gautam Agarwal

A Finance major post-graduate from Ahmedabad, I’m good at observing people. I started photography with fashion & portrait shoots. With a modest experience of 11yrs in this field, I have honed my skills in portraits, fashion & weddings. Have won many awards & medals for my work over the years.

I’ve always been a keen observer & have had a great attention to detail. That’s how the idea of weddings happened to me. My style is neither a photojournalist nor a traditional photographer. Anything spontaneous catches my eye. I have a very intimate portrait style. I love working with people from every culture and country, and consider it an honour to be hired by people of diverse ethnicities. You can easily see that all the frames are filled with energy, fun, warmth & emotions.

What makes my style special is the way I blend elements of fashion and street photography into personal insight and artistic flair.I love Portrait & Fashion photography because you tend to meet so many personalities and know diversity in human nature. To depict their nature in photography is a challenge. Whether you are a thinker, a loner, a loud mouth, a writer, an artist, etc.

Fashion helps me reflect the hidden style quotient and attitude. Agarwal’s Capturz was formed in 2010 as an extension of our existing business ‘Agarwal’s Images’. For the first 3yrs we were only about wedding photography. However, we started getting assignments for fashion shoots & product shoots. Our team comprises of 25 skilled professional photographers & videographers who strive everyday with the motto “customer satisfaction” & “Innovation”. With an experience of over 400 weddings across cities, we have now successfully started operations in Bangalore.

Why Us

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Service with a difference.
  • Spectrum of unparalleled quality services covering almost every dimension that inspires the world of photography.
  • Courteous, prompt and personalised services.
  • A team of talented and seasoned camera persons and processing professionals.
  • Sound infrastructural set-up with cutting edge equipment.
  • Network of branches.
  • Personalized Customer Service