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Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas:-
Sunset, sunrise, gardens and cliffs are passe’. Couples looking to tie the knot are looking for something more and something different for their pre-wedding photos and videos. Here are some ideas for a great pre-wedding photoshoot:

  • Vintage themes with automobiles and interiors from the 60’s or 70’s.
  • Historical themes like Colonial or Victorian or Rajasthani royalty.
  • If the bride and groom are foodies, focus on an elegant spread or a gourmet meal that will bring them together.
  • Focus on the interests of the bride and the groom, such as reading, sports, cooking, horseback riding, swimming, gardening, music, painting, yoga, aerobics, pottery and so on. The more common the interest, the better will be the chemistry between the couple.
  • Get adventurous with activities such as snorkelling, paragliding, hot air ballooning, kayaking, biking etc.
  • Does the couple want to recreate their first date? Ask them about what they were wearing, where it was and what they did.
  • Fireworks in the background
  • Rain showers
  • Involve their favorite pets because nothing brings out the happiness more than a furry friend.

Getting Ready for the Shoot
The first step in a pre-wedding photoshoot is to talk to the couple about their interests, what they are looking for, to understand their chemistry and to generally put them at ease. Understanding the personality of the couple is very important because it will reflect in the pictures. For instance, if the to-be-groom is very introverted, it will be difficult to bring out the real emotions to the surface.
Once the couple has opened up about their interests and expectations, discuss the location, the attires, hair styles, makeup and other such specifics. This can be done either during the first meeting or a subsequent meeting because this takes some time. A professional photographer usually has a makeup team and a designer on hand to give suggestions on the best type of attire based on the type of shoot the couple wants, and the theme: romantic, adventurous, fun, family, outdoor/indoor, beach and so on. A more elaborate theme, such as a vintage or a historical, requires more planning.
Smart Editing
Editing the pictures is another important part of pre-wedding shoots. All the hard work with planning the background or the clothes shows up only when the photos are edited properly. Candid photographs bring out the best expressions: “Is that really me??” “Did we really do that?” More than the location, it is the communication between the couple that matters….an uninhibited laugh, a shy glance, a secret handclasp, or a sly wink speak volumes. Good editing will keep these expressions in focus. Use props like balloons, flowers, candles or fun props like puppets or signage to convey a message but make sure like they don’t look tacky or out of place in the photograph.
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